Product Information

Travel Lane Wattles A sediment log of pine straw, wrapped with a High Visibility polyester green mesh fabric and weighted with internal sandbags. Attached handles allow for easy lifting and placement.

Product Features:


  • Designed as a reusable sediment control device at worksites entry/exit points or travel lanes. Other uses include slope erosion control and stream protection.
  • When used on light slopes, the weight of the device should be sufficient to hold in place when laid on contours. When necessary, stake utilizing an ?X? pattern over the log.
  • May be used as slope control or in ditch check applications. Product is designed to be flexible.
  • Should be inspected at the end of each work day and particularly following rainfall events. Accumulated sediment should be removed and properly disposed.
  • The life of this product is determined at the point in which it is no longer effective or needed to do the job for which it was designed.

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