Product Information

The Curb Inlet Filter is a filter designed to be placed in front of a curb inlet or opening to prevent the migration of silt into the storm drain system. Silt-Saver products are built around a unique patented coil system that allows the free passage of high volumes of water. The coil structure provides structural integrity for the Silt-Saver filtration fabric. The result is a lightweight, durable product that performs extremely well in the rough, demanding conditions of a construction site.

Product Features:

  • Installs in minutes
  • Provides Superior Filtration
  • Higher Flow than Silt Fence
  • Won't Clog like Straw or Coconut
  •  Reduces Traffic Hazards of Block or Gravel Methods
  • Avoid: Costly Fines, Stop Work Orders and Environmental Clean-ups


*Standard are ALL gray and High Flow are ALL green

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