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AquaBlok® is a patented "composite particle technology" that utilizes a central core (typically stone aggregate)

 to deliver various fine-grained coating materials for a broad range of environmental applications. The particles

act as a "delivery system" - placing active ingredients through a water column or to target locations apt to come

 into contact with water.If you want to stop water escaping or infiltrating your structure or pond this is the

 product for the job.


  • A low permeability capping material to isolate contaminated sediments
  • A means to improve the performance of Organoclay & other amendment materials for in site
  •  treatment of contamination  in aquatic settings
  • A nutrient management tool & water clarifier
  • A leak prevention & repair sealant - effective both during & after construction
  • An annular sealant/grout material in well construction & well abandonment
  • A seed delivery alternative for wetland plant restoration
  • A levee repair or dam reinforcement in flood control applications
  • An anti-seep collar (or "plug") for pipes, control structures & other underground installations

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