Product Information


AquaBlok® is a patented composite aggregate sealant resembling small stones that is comprised of a limestone aggregate core coated with powdered sodium bentonite clay. Due to its reliably low permeability, structural stability, and ability to self-compact, AquaBlok can be used in a wide range of settings and circumstances – specifically as a means to “blok” the movement of water (or when custom formulated, water-born contamination).

Advantages & Attributes
•  Effective for leak prevention and repair
•  Apply dry or through standing water
•  Highly durable and structurally stable
•  Simplified handling and reduces labor
•  Available in two convenient packages(50-lb bags and bulk totes)

Common Applications
Basin Construction & Rehab
Synthetic Liner Repair/Reinforcement
Dam/Berm/Levee Construction & Rehab
Animal Damage/Burrow Plugging
Trench Dams/Anti-Seep Collars
Structure Bedding/Installation
Manhole Sealing & Rehab (I&I)
Utility Separation/Isolation
Gas Migration Barrier
Sink Hole Repair
Secondary Containment
Canal/Ditch Lining
Temporary Dams/Stream Diversion
Flood Mitigation
Well Decommissioning/Sealing

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Pond Lining (Dry) 
  Stockpile Maintenance   Geotechnical Applications
Technical Advantages
 Pond Lining (Wet)

  Basin Lining  
   Installation Methods
Infiltration Reduction 

   Anti-Seep/Trench Dams       Stone Slinger 
Leaking Dam Repair  
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